Unsecured Loan Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Unsecuredloandepot.com ?
We are a staff of seasoned dealer financing experts that got together to help the dealers and consumers who were being declined by traditional dealer financing programs.

What types of programs do you offer?
We have over 25 nationwide and regional unsecured loan programs with credit parameters that go deeper than traditional dealer financing programs.

What types of products can you finance?
Check out our complete list of products that we finance. We can usually finance products that are not on that list as well.

How will I know if I am approved?
After you complete the initial loan analysis, we will contact you with information on the best program for your product and state. This is often an email with loan parameters , rates, terms and conditions so that you can pick which loan would work best for you and your family. You will know immediately after completing the application for the program that you choose if you are approved as well as the rate and term of the approval.

I am a dealer and want to send you some clients that were turned down by my primary source of financing. What is the process?
Thank you. We service over 4000 dealers nationwide who ask us to help them turn around some of their credit declines. This process is very simple. Please ask your client to go to our home page and complete the loan analysis application and we will take it from there.

Are you able to share with me (the Dealer) if the customer is approved or not ?
Unfortunately we are unable to disclose any information about the loan, customer or status with the dealers as this would violate the privacy of the consumer. Please feel free to contact the consumer directly to get timely updates on their loan status.

Can we set up a link to your site from our site for the convenience of our customers?
Yes of course and most dealers do. Simply send a request to loans@unsecuredloandepot.com and we will email you everything you and your webmaster will need.